Accountancy Services

We ensure your accounts are prepared in the correct format, relieving you of the regulatory burden.

We ensure your accounts are prepared in the correct format, relieve you of the regulatory burden, leaving you extra time to develop and expand your charity.

We have procedures and practices to ensure high quality service is delivered every time. Accounts are prepared on tailored formats, using Sage Accounts Production Accounts software (SAPA). Accounts are prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation for your organisation.

As we carefully prepare your accounts, we will get to know your organisation inside out. We will point out where financial control may be improved, and any other issues which spring to light. We will identify opportunities to help you improve systems, controls and management to optimise the performance of your organisation.

Accounts and Independent Examination Package

New legislation means that Charities with income not exceeding £1M generally do not require an audit. We provide high quality accounts for presentation to funders, etc., with a full Independent Examination.

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How we can help

If your charity is in London or the surrounding areas we can help you. Contact us at Edward Amber to find out more.