We ensure you are compliant with Revenue legislation whilst paying the correct amount of tax subject to your circumstances.

General tax advice

We ensure you are compliant with Revenue legislation whilst paying the correct amount of tax due by a charity.

We ensure:

  • You have clarity as to what particular taxes you are liable for
  • You have certainty as when the amount of tax owed is due for payment
  • You get early warning of changes in tax law that we believe may affect your affairs

You are advised on "good housekeeping" to mitigate the chances of a revenue audit investigation.

Specialist tax advice

When we are asked to advise on specialist tax matters we outsource to the top tax consultants in the country.

We believe it is poor practice to employ an in-house tax consultant, because there just aren't enough specialist cases for him or her to handle to keep up to date with current case law etc. His or her knowledge would become out of date, with disastrous consequences for our clients.

Our specialist tax consultants work in their respective fields on a daily basis, ensuring our work complies with current complex legislation, and the most recent case law.

Corporation tax

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment the trustees have the legal responsibility for calculating the corporation tax to be paid. We can relieve you of this task and calculate your company's tax liability for you, and prepare the tax returns. We can also calculate any instalment payments.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

We ensure that you comply with regulations. We can

  • Advise on aspects of VAT registration and administration
  • Negotiate with HMRC
  • Represent you at VAT tribunals

HMRC Investigations

We can deal with HMRC investigations. If you are subjected to an investigation, we can provide expert advice using one of our tax consultants.

Coronavirus / Covid-19

We have set out the steps we have taken to minimise the impact of Covid-19, together with details of support for our clients.

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How we can help

If your charity is in London or the surrounding areas we can help you. Contact us at Edward Amber to find out more.