Telephone Helpline

You can call us and we’ll give you unlimited telephone support on any ad-hoc matters without additional charge.

Is this really free of charge?

Yes. We want to you to be comfortable asking us for advice, so we do not make a charge for initial enquiries.

What about if I need a lot of help?

We’ll give you unlimited telephone support on ad-hoc matters without additional charge, on our Premier Package. Other packages have different support deals. If we need to do some research or calculations, we will advise you of the work and agree a price with you before we start the job.

Can we call you at any time?

Yes. Please feel free to call during office hours.

Coronavirus / Covid-19

We have set out the steps we have taken to minimise the impact of Covid-19, together with details of support for our clients.

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How we can help

If your charity is in London or the surrounding areas we can help you. Contact us at Edward Amber to find out more.